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Post  cryptic on Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:30 pm


Dangerous Power! Dangerous in your hands to use against those who dare take the field across from you. Power because you know you have a marker in your hands with years of knowledge and product development. The mid priced marker realm is so confusing trying to narrow your search down to just one. I have been there a time or two myself and know the mind bending process you will have but rest assured Dangerous Power understands your woes. The evil geniuses in the dank, dark laboratories of the Dangerous Power cellar know what you want and need. Step up to the plate and feast your eyes upon their new creation.

Dangerous Power has added a new branch to their family tree. Another mid level modern masterpiece ready to take your game to the next level. This is not just another rebuilt G3/G4 but a new marker with familiar body lines. Out of the box you will notice something very new, very cool and not expected with a marker at this price point, the lack of a macro line. Dangerous Power engineers have taken the familiar feel and removed anything un-needed but also have added features. The Stinger Frame is a modern marvel, built with comfort and technological advances. The marker is constructed out of high grade aluminum and the Stinger frame is reinforced to contain the low pressure inline system. Of course you still get the best air on/off in paintball in my humble opinion, the RAPS. I am stoked to see a company putting “high end” engineering into budget friendly markers, DP has been doing this for years though and I am sure many will be thankful when they try this out.

Upon testing this marker I adjusted the regulator to 280 fps, set it down and then chrono’d just to see if the new regulator system is as good as old. The first shot was at 282, second at 280 and third at 278. I have to say I was pretty impressed to see these numbers for a brand new marker. The stock barrel is not something I am used to using but it is fairly accurate. I would recommend a barrel kit as I do with every marker I have ever shot. You will get better accuracy with a paint to barrel match, well as good as you can shooting a gelatinous ball of goo. I have to give the new Riptide regulator a passing grade as it is perfect in form and function. The crazy folks at Dangerous Power also reinvented the bolt engine for the G5. In an effort to increase efficiency the redesigned bolt has ported venting that allowed a more fluid motion during bolt actuation, this creates a flow from the pressure chamber through the ports to cushion the paintballs and shoots a nice flat trajectory. And to top it off the bolt has no o-rings on it at all. Making it a joy to maintain this marker as we all know the trouble a pinched or dry o-ring can cause. I shot this little marvel on a day of recreational play with family and I must say that this is a fine piece of equipment. I enjoyed getting my hands on this and as always with DP they stand behind their products. Any questions I had were answered in short order via email.


Low profile clamping feedneck
Subsonic bolt
Power Button programming
Low profile RAPS ASA
Unibody Stinger Frame
New Wave Trigger
RIPTIDE Regulator
DP 13” Barrel
Only 19.4 inches in length, 7.9 inches in height
Weight is 1.8 pounds with battery
Operating pressure is 200psi @ 280fps
Tons of board adjustments including from 1 bps to 25 bps in half shot increments

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