Dangerous Power M3-A1 Prototype

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Dangerous Power M3-A1 Prototype Empty Dangerous Power M3-A1 Prototype

Post  cryptic on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:35 pm

Dangerous Power M3-A1 Prototype Dpmilsim

Dangerous Power Engineering is already known in the paintball marker business as a producer of great products that go above and beyond their pricing structure. Of course I would have to say the most famous of their markers is the G3/G4 platform. If you have played at any structured field I am sure you have seen or perhaps used one of these markers.

So what is Dangerous Power up too? What is the new beast to come out of their dark lair? Well ladies and gentlemen you are in for a big shock! Dangerous Power is releasing a milsim based monster on the world at Huntington beach. Well little did everyone know a few people were sent the prototype. My team, Ronin Brotherhood, was one of the chosen few to be able to take this out and test it. So we did the typical testing in the back yard as everyone always does when they get something new delivered to their house in a dull brown box. A little air, a little paint and a hopper later the initial results were none other than DAMN! This thing shoots great out of the box. We also tested this black demon out during game play. We attended Mission Masters Resident Evil event at Three Rivers Paintball Park in Cranberry Pennsylvania for a true test of how this marker would perform under real world beat downs.

So let us just break right into what I thought of the marker when I used it back in October. Keep in mind I am sure there were some changes made from the prototype to the final product.

Overall Appearance:

The overall look and feel of the marker is true milsim goodness. It is similar in looks to an M4 which keeps it up there in the looks department with tons of other markers out there for the scenario aficionados out there, but it has that special look that is also all its own. The sights, the magazine and the M-16 style grip frame are all plus features that add to the overall milsim feel the brush smashers out there love.


While I did not mess with a single setting on the board as I wanted to test the true out of box performance I can say it is based on the G3/G4 programming with a few tweaks made to make this its own little beast. I did not have a single breech break which attests to the eyes used. The ease of access to the board is probably the biggest selling point other than the looks. If anything the settings will be just as easy to change as any of the other markers in the Dangerous Power stable.


This is a GREAT feature. To be able to access the board, firing assembly and all of the internal goodies with a single pin removal is above and beyond what most of us are used to with a scenario based marker. All you do is remove one pin and pivot the marker body up and there you have it. I love this feature.


I used this marker in 30 degree weather all day long, about 7 to 8 hours of playing time in the infamous Southwestern Pennsylvania weather. The weather patterns can change at any time, from snow to rain to lightning. The marker performed very, very well. The stock barrel is more than adequate but did have a few barrel breaks throughout the day. This, I believe, was due to the cold temperatures and dimples in some of the balls due to the cold. I arrived at this because many players using many different markers and barrel combinations also had the same issues. This is something you deal with when you play in the cold weather. The air efficiency was just as good if not better than the E1 I used in the previous game and the shots were practically ball of ball during playing times.

Gas Thru Grip
Battery located in front grip
Quick Dis-assembly
4 Side rails for attachments
Offset feedneck
Easy on/off button
M-16 Style Grip Frame
Adjustable sights



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