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Post  cryptic on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:37 pm

Planet Eclipse HDE DSCF4530

Planet Eclipse is without a doubt a name that speaks quality to each and every person in the paintball community. It does not matter if you own one of their markers or wear some of their gear you know the name and understand that what Planet Eclipse puts out is sheer quality. So when I was able to get my hands on some PE HDE camo pants and jersey I was not surprised to find an excellent product in my hands.

Now I usually do play in the thick of the woods and when I get the chance to play 9 out of 10 times that is where I am but I almost never wear camo. But on this day I donned the Planet Eclipse HDE gear, headed out to the field and put this stuff to the test. A little background on the elements I was playing in. The weather was in the 30 degree range from the morning bell to the closing afternoon prize give-a-way. On top of the cold was intermittent snow flurries and tons upon tons of mud. To say it was slick is an understatement. So I got down and dirty adding to the test of the product.

The padding in the pants and jersey is just where it should be! I was hit in the elbow, ya weird I know, a few times and the jersey offered just enough padding to lessen the blow but not to prevent the paint from breaking. Good for my opponents and something I think is just about perfect in the design. I myself hate when someone is wearing so much padding that my shots just bounce off all day long. A big thumbs up to the design crew at PE for that. Other than the padding the gear is just comfortable, at first when I put the pants on they seemed a little stiff but that was probably due to the cold temperatures because when I actually got out there to play they moved and never incumbered my movement at any given time.

When I slid into bunkers, in the mud of course, I stayed protected with the knee padding. This is a big plus for an old dog like myself who has had a few knee surgeries but does not have the common sense to not play hard anymore. Another plus is there is nylon webbing material in the hip area inside of the pants. This will not prevent a ball from breaking but it sure will protect you from the sting of a hit or the unfortunate slide across a rock or other hard object hidden in the grass and leaves. Another plus is no matter how much muck and mud I was in during the day of play not once did I get wet while wearing the pants, I cannot say that with the jersey but I did not expect it to be water resistant when I was crawling through the mud puddles and wet leaves. The jersey is very comfortable! I even had a few people touch the jersey because it looks like the integrated padding is thick but it is just the right thickness to rest your tank on or protect you during your slides.

The came pattern does break up your outline. Now I tested this at the end of the fall season where most of the leaves are off their limbs and the underbrush is all but gone so I can only imagine how hidden you would be in the middle of spring and summer. I can say with confidence that if you are sitting in the thick of some brush and staying perfectly still that people would be hard pressed to know you are there. That is the whole ides of this product, to give you protection and the visionary edge over the competition. Planet Eclipse easily accomplishes this with the HDE (High Definition Eclipse) Camo Gear. The camo pattern is multifaceted and can be used in many environments from your urban woodlands to grassy areas, anywhere you want to blend in.

So let’s go over the features Planet Eclipse put into the pants:

Belt Loops and Adjustable Waist Straps – While I did not use a belt I sure did use those adjustable waist straps. They are simple to use, pull them back and secure them with velcro.

Padded Crotch – A great feature, luckily I did not need this on the day of play.

4 Way Stretch Zones – This is something that is so well designed into the pants you will not even notice but trust me the comfort of the pants is due to these zones.

Removable Cellular Knee Padding – These knee pads are top notch, comfortable and you will know they are there when you slide and do not destroy your knees. I used these pads all day be that sliding or kneeling when playing.

Mesh Venting – Mesh Venting allows your legs to breath while exerting yourself. I played in 30 degree weather and even with the plentiful mesh venting on the inner legs of the pants I was still very warm all day.

Squeegee Pockets – While I kept forgetting to bring my squeegee out on the field with me you will be pleased with the available option to remember yours.

Velcro Ankle Closures – These are huge. You do not know how great it is to have the option to tighten the bottom of your playing pants when you are short and your waist is not so small. On top of the velcro is a pull string to keep the pants tight on your ankles. This also is a safety feature to keep you from tripping on the bottom of your pants as you are running to shoot your opponents.

Zip Access Pockets – You have to be able to secure your keys or other valuables and these pockets did this for me. I played all day with my car keys zipped up in my pockets so you can say these things are more than safe.

Webbing System – You have plenty of options with the webbing system, they would be just about perfect if you play pump as they would fit 10 round tubes.

Removable Internal Hip Padding – As I mentioned above these pads are GREAT. You can hip slide and never question that you will be protected while you do.

In conclusion I applaud Planet Eclipse on another great addition to their product line and I give them a standing ovation for making sure the scenario and woodsball players get the same quality gear that the tournament players are used too.

~ Paul Forcier

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