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Post  cryptic on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:42 pm

OCD Paintball Ocd

Paintball is a huge sport and to those of us who choose to partake in the sport become engulfed, where we eat, sleep and live a special lifestyle. A large part of this lifestyle is the paintball fashion aspect, be that on and off the field. We own tons of equipment, tons of gear and we are picking up more and more fashionable items with each new day. With this trend a new dog has entered the proverbial ring. Welcome OCD Paintball to the Catshack Reports.

OCD Paintball has a very simple company motto: “High quality custom paintball gear designed with the player in mind.”

I have had the pleasure of getting my hands on a headband, headwrap and a barrel bag from OCD and it is my pleasure to present you with my findings on the quality of the products. First let me cover the headband of which I received one white in color with purple “OCD” lettering. Keep in mind you can get custom lettering to your liking with OCD. The material is thick, almost like a very soft denim but without the coarseness that can be associated with denim. The stitching is straight and true and the color matches the headband with no loose stitching that I can see, quality and great craftsmanship right there folks. The length of the headband is right around 43” and it tapers off to a crisp point as you near the ends, making it easy to tie it around your brain helmet. If you flip the headband over you will notice a thick layer of terry cloth which provides protection, sweat defense and added comfort while you run from bunker to bunker.

All in all the headband from OCD gets a big thumb up from myself. Now on to the headwrap!

The construction and quality I mentioned from the headband are still found in the headwrap. You still get that soft denim like material as previously mentioned, you still get the terry cloth and the awesome graphics to stimulate your ocular senses. The main difference is that the wrap has Velcro as opposed to the traditional ties (ties are available upon request). The head wrap portion is a mesh material and it is plenty long enough to protect your from the sometimes harsh rays of the sun. You can choose from plenty of colors to match your jersey or your surroundings. I received a black and yellow pattern, the mesh covering is long enough to cover up the biggest of melons so no worries there. Quality is top notch once again, the stitching is straight and true and the materials used are about as perfect as you can throw into a headband/head wrap.

The barrel sock I have is heavy duty, this thing is durable. The bag is double lines so you will not shoot through this sucker, and we all know we will hit that trigger when our barrel socks are still one. Yes, it is embarrassing but we all do it. With these you can still get custom lettering as with all of OCD’s products. The cord used is stretchy as to be expected. There is an adjustable slide that will allow this bag to fit on any marker/barrel combination.

OCD offers more custom products from headbands to shirts. Their products are top notch, great quality and reasonably priced! I can attest to all of this.

Check these guys out and if you like what you see give them a try.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/OCD-Paintball/133183023405277


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Post  Blackout90 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:37 am

never heard of them but i def will have to look and see what they got

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