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Post  cryptic on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:48 pm

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Take a trip with me if you will. To a place so often dreaded that the mere thought of it for many new players brings a dark cloud overhead. A place so filled with mis-information and confusion that players will often purchase something that will only be later put on the shelf a month or so later for something more capable. This dark, dreaded place is of course the “low end,” entry level electro pneumatic marker market.

For many players this is a place filled with utter confusion as there are so many selections from so many different manufacturers that it can be a daunting task to select something that would best suit their needs. Many of these players are new to the sport or just looking to buy their first marker with an electronic trigger and circuit board to compete with those paint slingers they see and hear at their local fields. Fear not my fellow players, to fill up the spot left open by the now defunct Smart Parts is a entry level marker you should seriously consider. Dangerous Power has stepped up to throw their hat in the entry level market with a more than capable marker that has tons upon tons of bang for your hard earned buck.

The Dangerous Power E1 is low cost (MSRP of $209.00) marker with a lot of features. Akin to the G3 and G4 markers already a big hit on the market the E1 follows suit with the utilization of the dump-valve operating system. Some would argue, the perfect design for all levels of player experience. For the price you cannot beat the quality and features included. For one Dangerous Power threw in a micro-switch board capable of firing in semi-auto and full-auto modes both capped at 25 balls per second. I personally would have liked more firing modes to include some of the more popular paintball leagues and their requirements but for the low price of this marker how can I really complain about that?

The feedneck is a push in type of feedneck, while simple to use the Dangerous Power clamping feedneck is top notch and something I would recommend to anyone as one of the first upgrades. The feedneck included is more than capable but there may be an issue with the fit of some hoppers as is usually the case with these types of loader grabbers.

The trigger frame is well sized with a HUGE trigger guard making the grip more than comfortable even for those with larger hands. A big thank you goes out to Dangerous Power for this feature. The trigger is very much like the G3 trigger and is a personal favorite of mine. The pull is short and snappy right out of the box and can be adjusted to your liking if your heart so desires. There is no separate air source adapter, this is incorporated into the trigger frame. You will either like this or not. A plus is that Dangerous Power did move the ASA back a bit to allow clearance for even the smallest regulators out on the market. This makes it really nice for larger players with longer arms as the tank is slightly moved back with this set up.

On to the preliminary testing phase of the marker. The marker choreographed at 282, 285, 280 out of the box and shot without issue in the target range. Out on the field the marker was tested in the snow, some of the worst conditions you can throw at a paintball marker, but with only a single break during the day of play in the barrel I can attest that this is a great little addition to any players gearbag. This marker is small, lightweight and ultra fast so you will be able to shoot with the best of them. And if you want a more capable board with lots more features this marker will take G3/G4 circuit boards.

Let me go over the marker features, a good little list for the average price of around $200:

Length 15.38 inches/ 390.8 MM
Height 7.58 Inches/192.5 MM
Weight 1.91 LBS/869 Grams
Operating Pressure of 200PSI at 280 FPS (feet per second)
9.5 Inch Barrel
Slide Lock Feedneck
Reinforced E1 Eye Cover
Reinforced Back Cap
Slim Profile Twist-Knob ASA
3-Point Trigger
Operating Pressure Regulator

The spoolie marker, such as this, has a huge fan base and it is with great accolades to Dangerous Power that they keep refining this platform. To lower the cost for the player while giving them needed features is something DP is known for.

Check out this and Dangerous Power’s full line of products at www.DangerousPower.com


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Post  Blackout90 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:22 am

even though i am a huge fan of smart parts this marker does look pretty good for entry level players and the facthat it is similar to markers such as the G3 would really give a noobie some courage when stepping on the field

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