Another New Sponsor!!! Zephyr Paintball

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Another New Sponsor!!! Zephyr Paintball Empty Another New Sponsor!!! Zephyr Paintball

Post  kraigk-martmartin on Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:19 pm

Congratulations on becoming the newest member of the Zephyr Sports sponsorship team, your sponsorship pricing is available immediately. The last thing that we require within the next 7 days is for you to provide a link to on your team website. Please send me a follow up e-mail once this has been completed. Thank you and Congratulations.

Welcome to the team! Your Sponsorship application has been approved.

There is a few things we must do soon and there is a lot of sponsorship info and pricing that I forwarded to the team email. I unfortunately don't have the time to do it since I have all this new paperwork with the new job I just got back from tonight, and have to do more training here in 8 hours so I am going to bed.

If you need the team email login info, text or pm me and I will get it to you. Everyone probably knows it by now anyway but just in case.

What they expect

We want players and teams who know how to have a good time and love the sport. We are looking for people who not only want to better themselves but also the sport of paintball. Our Sponsorship is simple, we give all our clients access to the latest and greatest gear at a better discount than the usual customer. We want you to get your name / team name out there as well as ours. All you need to do is wear the gear, slap on the stickers, handout the stuff and PLAY A GREAT GAME.

We highly encourage pictures and videos of you and your team in action. Please post them on our Facebook as frequently as you want and if you can include some Zephyr stickers it would make us that much happier. Keep me up to date on any events/tournaments, pictures/videos or updates to your personal/team webpages!

Because you are a Zephyr Sponsored Athlete we expect you to be both professional and respectful when posting on our Facebook account and on the field. You are now a representative of our company and we require you to be on your best behavior when speaking about Zephyr Sports.

Distribute Flyers and Stickers

When we send out your order we will include some extra stickers and flyers for you to hand out to your friends and at your local field. We give you the discounts we expect a little help in return J


If you are a member of PB Nation, please include a link to our site in your signature. We can also provide a Zephyr Banner for you to include, just e-mail me and I will provide you with the necessary items. When you do place an order through our site we highly encourage you to do an unboxing, these videos generally provide a lot of traffic to your youtube account and are a great way to benefit our company.

Follow us on Facebook


Sports -

What Zephyr Sponsorship is Not!!

This Sponsorship is not a free handout or a full ride. We will not supply you with free paint, entry fees, or items to do reviews on. We do our own product reviews at Zephyr Sports. Zephyr is proud to help out our Sponsored players with discounted Guns, Gear and paint to allow you to play more often and improve.


Sponsorship Guru

Direct Line: 805-275-2040 x204

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Another New Sponsor!!! Zephyr Paintball Empty Re: Another New Sponsor!!! Zephyr Paintball

Post  Blackout90 on Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:11 pm

Freaking awesome we def have to get some stickers and stick them on our gear plus add to the banner I know im on pb nation so anyone else I would suggest we just knock out putting the link in our sigs so that is that much more exposure

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