Local Practice @ German Park 4/28/13

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Local Practice @ German Park 4/28/13 Empty Local Practice @ German Park 4/28/13

Post  Blackout90 on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:22 pm

On Sunday, April 28, 2013 at German Park in Masontown, PA, we will be conducting a team practice starting at 11 AM. Practice outline/plan is as follows:

- Physical Training: Stretching, Team Jog, Various Exercises
- USPA Rules and Regulations
- Field Communication, Kill Counts, Bunker Names, Establishing Different Plays (Echo Commands)
- Sliding Drills
- Breakout Drills
- Reloading Drills
- Snapshooting Drills
- Two on One Drills
- Scrimmages

Once again guys we will be going to the Soccer Field and then to Silent Hill. Make sure you bring items such as knee pads, cleats, gloves, and any other protective gear as well as your basic field equipment. Once again pack light for it is a hell of a walk up to Silent Hill. Forecast looks like it should be pretty nice outside with no precipitation but be prepared for it to get a lil way possibly for we know how PA weather can be. If you are unable to attend please contact PJ or Kraig. There contact info is listed under the thread of the same name or you could simply PM them. We are doing a local practice to conserve money and build team cooperation and cohesion. Hope to see everybody out there and ready to get to work. Time is getting down to the wire we need to take practice seriously but still have a good time. Hope to see everyone out there to get down and dirty!!!!!!

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