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Post  cryptic on Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:23 pm

So we have decided to play Smile

Roster so far:

1. PJ Forcier
2. Kraig Martin
3. Colt Miller
4. Nigel Pulley

Valken Cup 2013

Modified Format/Rules

The Valken Cup will use the NPPL 2013 rulebook for any rules not specifically outlined in this document.

Valken Cup Staff reserves the right to change or modify any rule either in this document or the NPPL rulebook if necessary and as it sees fit.

Event Overview: The Valken Cup is a multi-discipline open class event that teams will participate in three separate one day events covering Woodsball, Pump and Speedball. The winner of Valken Cup is the team that has the highest overall score after the 3 days.


2013 dates are:
September 20,21,22 2013
The Paintball Park @ Camp Pendleton
Captains meeting will be each morning at 7:30am
Games will begin at 8:00am
Woodsball will be played September 20th
Pump will be played September 21st
Speedball will be played September 22nd

team sizes

The event is open class
No more than 7 players are allowed on the event roster
No more than 5 players may play on the field at one time

Equipment Rules

Jersey/uniform rules
Teams may change uniforms between days
Standard NPPL uniform rules apply
Gun RulesWoodsball:
Semi-Auto Capped at 10bps
Pump: Standard Pump markers that fire one round for each completed pump and pull of the trigger
Speedball: Semi-Auto Capped at 15bps


Event Points
Each single event is scored by 50pts for 1st, 49pts for 2nd, 48pts for 3rd, etc.
Valken Cup Champion is the team with the highest overall score after the 3 days.
Max score is 150points.
Game Play Scoring
100 total points per game
50 pts for flag hang
25 pts for flag pull
4 pts per elimination
1 pt per alive player


Woodsball Games will be played on Recreational style fields
Two-Flag traditional
Capture the Flag
7 min time limit
Games will be played on NPPL Style Airball field
One Center Flag
5 min time limit
Games will be played on NPPL Style Airball field
One Center Flag
5 min time limit

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