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Post  cryptic on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:50 pm

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Down in the dungeon of the dark ice igloo of the great white frozen tundras, um I mean Canada, comes a marker that will be sure to put a smile upon your mug each and every time you place it in your hands. I got the great opportunity to get my hands on this classic styled marker and of course went right out into the snow to give it a few shots.

I am in fact speaking of the Goblin Deuce from Goblin Paintball.

This is not the ball blasting, run and gun marker you see plastered all over the internet, oh no. This is something different, yes I said different. Now that may or may not be a good thing in your book but I personally love to see fresh looks on classic markers. So here we have a double barrel “single” shot little piece of molded modern technology. You can technically shoot either one or two balls so I guess it is not a single shot marker per say. There is a switch on the left side of the marker that allows you to choose either one barrel or both barrels when you line up your target. Let me discuss what you get before I go to much further.

The packaging consists of a vacuum molded plastic display with a cardboard backing, usually used in the hanging display items you will find in any store across the globe. Of course the good stuff is inside of this simple, yet effective, package.

Inside the box:

Goblin Deuce:

Double Barrel

Improved Safety

You can shoot one barrel or both with the thumb switch selection

2 Air Cartridges:

Improved air fill over the Goblin Micro Launcher


2 6mm Airsoft Barrels

2 .68 Caliber Barrels

2 .668 Caliber Barrels

2 .672 Caliber Barrels

2 .676 Caliber Barrels

1 Fill Nipple

Standard size that will fit most CO2/Nitrogen tanks

2 Oring Kits

1 Manual

Lots of goodies for a very low price. I want to touch on the new style air cartridges. I have owned the previous marker from Goblin, the MicroLauncher which is a single barrel marker as opposed to this double barrel wonder. The fill on the Deuce is so much easier, on the last model I actually had a few times where I thought I had the cartridges filled with air only to find out that when I pulled the trigger nothing happened. This has not happened when I have filled and shot the Deuce. Each and every trigger pull resulted in my balls being sent down field towards their intended target. Another HUGE improvement is the larger grip frame, making this ever so much more comfortable over the MicroLauncher. This little marker is not something you will want to use as your main marker, unless of course you are that sneaky little player that likes to stalk his opponents. It is small, consistent and very cool.

I find this marker a great little addition to the scenario players bag of tricks. Just imagine if you will, a lone player walking around the field with no visible marker in his hands and no pods of paint. Is he an enemy or is he just some lone guy out there doing nothing but watching? This lone player sneaks from tree to tree or bunker to bunker until just the right moment. The moment when he is close enough to the opposing teams general and then BLAM! Down goes the general causing havoc amongst the ranks of the opposing team. No more command structure and your team takes the lead. A day that will live in infamy and probably a long remembered memory for both sides on the field that day.

The guys and girls at Goblin Paintball are top notch and care about the game and their customers. I have had the pleasure of speaking with them and using both of their products to date. If you would like to check out their items head on over to www.goblinpaintball.com, if you have any questions use the contact button and they will get right back with you.

Oh and if you are wondering the Deuce is a very low price of $89.95 plus shipping and handling.

Paul Forcier


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Post  Blackout90 on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:12 am

that is a sick lil piece of machinery you through that in a holster and dare some one to w walk up on you lol

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