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Post  cryptic on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:40 pm

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Baddog is a new design company branching out into paintball with the advent of their new Nexgen paintball goggle straps. With a background in design you can expect some off the wall, crazy designs. If you can think it these guys can put it on a goggle strap for you with their custom options. We here at the Catshack Reports were able to get our hands on one of these new straps.

First off let me talk about the overall quality. The strap is made of a custom weave material that is springy and tough at the same time. The addition of the silicon weave added by Baddog will make this a long life product that will keep its shape and keep your goggles snug on your head too. The locking tabs are easily adjustable and hold firm. Lastly is the color, it runs deeeep into the strap, has sharp lines and is everything you think and more. A great quality product at an affordable price tag so why don’t you have one yet?

So installation is pretty simple and straight forward. I used a pair of my sons goggles, his Avatars that we won at a UWL event a few years ago. The first thing you will need to do is remove the old strap. There are many different goggles on the market so please refer to your owners manual if you do not know how to take off your goggle strap. To take the strap off of the retention clips, the clip that connects your goggle to your mask, I used a razor to just cut it off. Simple, quick, easy and got the job done in no time. It is not the safest method but it worked. The Nexgen strap has Velcro fasteners so as soon as you slide the strap through the goggle retention clips all you have to do is press the two halves of Velcro together and you have attached the strap, do this on both side of the goggles and you have now added one of the most impressive designs to your goggles in just minutes.

Some of you might worry that the strap is held together with just Velcro, fear not. For I have a large melon that will stretch out any goggle strap and there was no indication that the Velcro was not strong enough to hold during running and playing hard.

I love the product, it is a simple way to add that custom look to your goggles and it does not cost very much either.

Check out all of Baddog’s products and designs at

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